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2024年4月10日, 英國內政部公布高度依賴父母及家庭成員可以主申請人分開遞交申請 BNO Visa. UK Home Office 放寬高度倚賴父母及家庭成員申請BNO Visa的條件.


內政部現在正式接受高度倚賴父母及家庭成員 Adult Dependent Relatives (ADR) 在主申請人已經遞交申請表格或者已經成功獲批BNO Visa簽證之後, 分開遞交申請表.


  • 已經遞交BNO Visa申請表格, 或
  • 早前已成功獲批BNO Visa簽證 (Leave to Enter Granted), 或
  • 已經透過BNO Visa簽證在英國居住

至於高度倚賴父母及家屬的申請資格沒有改變, 仍然是需要證明如何倚賴主申請人的照顧及提供在香港一同居住的證明.


> 如何帶高度依賴父母及家屬申請 BNO VISA 移民英國

> BNO Visa Route Guidance (ADR)

allow Adult Dependent Relatives to apply later to join the main applicant in the UK.

Adult Dependent Relatives are not required to apply at the same time as the main applicant and can instead apply to join them at a later date. When applying as a dependent partner,
child or Adult Dependent Relative for the first time, the main applicant must have either made a valid application for entry clearance or permission to stay that has not been decided, have entry clearance or permission as a BN(O) status holder or as the partner of a BN(O) status holder or be a dual British Citizen and British National (Overseas).

BNO Visa ADR Guidance 10.4.2024

高度依賴父母及家庭成員可與主申請人分開遞交申請 BNO Visa
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